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HVAC Journeyman

Largo, FL
$18.00 – $20.00/hr
Position Responsibilities/Qualifications – Install, maintain and repair heating, cooling, ventilation and related systems; Repair customer products such as heat pumps, ventilation systems, gas furnaces, steam and water boilers, burners, rooftop package units, motors, while providing top notch customer service. Must have current HVAC Journeyman License, 5+ years’ experience in HVAC service and repair experience, and valid drivers license (no suspension in the last three years).

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Electronic Technician

Largo, FL
$18.00 – $20.00/hr
Position Responsibilities/Qualifications – Installation, modify, maintain, and repair of electronic and electrical instrumentation, equipment, and control systems; Maintain responsibility for complex computer based electronically controlled instrumentation systems, specialized equipment, and master control systems, fire Alarm System FACPs, Tracer ES and waste water neutralization instrument calibration; Replace and repair pH analyzers and probes to ensure proper self-monitoring of the industrial wastewater as required by PC Utility’s Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit, IE-3002-2018/2021; Assist communication providers in locating the proper building and room for demark of their customers and their equipment within this 661,000 sq facility to provide seamless telephone/fiber/cable service to our tenants. Ensure tenants equipment is protected from unescorted providers working in our areas; Inspect and ensure CCTC DVRs in the control rooms and other areas are checked periodically to ensure they are working and recording. Cameras in public areas that are not functioning pose an insurance risk to the County. Must have valid drivers license (no suspension in the last three years).

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Administrative Support

Largo, FL
$12.00 – $14.00/hr
Position Responsibilities/Qualifications – Coordinates clerical and administrative activities of department sections;  Compile and analyze data for preparation of statistical and other reporting; Prepare or direct the documents and records; Maintains, monitors, processes, and tracks workload, financial, and other information; Operate personal computer and performs data processing functions.

Must have experience working with the program OPUS.

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Finance Analyst

Clearwater, FL
8:00am – 5:00pm
$20.00 – $25.00/hr
Position Responsibilities/Qualifications – Lead, direct, or supervise other staff for subject matter assignments, projects, or on a formal day to-day basis; Provide grant support, including related forms and processing; Research and conduct studies to make recommendations to management; Assists in updating and developing policies and procedures; Work with external auditors, internal auditors, professionals, and experts during the audit process; Prepares periodic financial reports and other special reports required for federal, state, and internal purposes;  Review and monitor budgets, expenditures, and contracts to assure conformity with federal, state, and County laws and regulations, County and departmental procedures and practices; Recommend, request, and implement changes to existing financial systems for financial statement preparation as may be required by federal, state, County, or department regulations; Authorizes and make recommendations or requests for transfers of funds; Conduct analyse of entries, transactions, and accounts; Plan and audit transactions related to asset, liability, equity, revenue, and expenditure accounts;  Supervise staff maintaining and compiling computer-generated spreadsheets, tracking incoming revenue, auditing daily deposit reconciliations, preparing revenue distribution reports, and posting and reconciling funds; Maintain financial records both technical and fiscal analyses and accounting in a multi-fund/multi-account environment for current and future budget, operations, investments, bonds, fixed assets, grants, and debt; Support senior managers to prepare and administer both strategic and operating finance and accounting plans.

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Warehouse Laborer

Odessa, FL
7:00am – 5:30pm
$9.00 – $9.50/hr
Position Responsibilities/Qualifications – -Must have inventory experience – cycle counting, organizing, labeling cleaning, check parts in and out of inventory software systems; Assist with looking for physical parts and online search assistance; Prompt requests for order items.

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Posted in All Location, Odessa

Number of Available Positions: 20

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